Monday, December 12, 2011

Tin Whistle Concert

Bingo.  This picture captured exactly how thrilled Anson was to be playing the tin whistle.

The fine arts emphasis for the past six weeks of Classical Conversations has been tin whistle.  The kids have been learning music theory and practicing, practicing, practicing for their tin whistle Christmas concert.

For six weeks they have played these pesky instruments.  For six weeks I have wanted ear plugs and have said no less than 100 times, "Please.  Will you go in your room and play that.  And shut the door?  Or maybe the roof would be a good place to practice.  How about I dig you a giant hole in the backyard and you can climb down in it and practice?  That would be cool, right?  Or what about I send you on an airplane and you practice your tin whistle at your grandparent's house?  Wouldn't that be fun? 

I've got Peace Like a River played on a tin whistle by a seven year old is anything but peaceful.  It's actually an oxymoron.

If you want to torture someone let three kids play three different songs on the tin whistle at the same time.

But their big day came and watching them play away on their tin whistles was really, really sweet.  They played music and recited part of the Christmas story.  Children telling this precious story of a baby born in a manger will forever be a thing of beauty.

We only have three more days of school left.  I can't wait for the school books (and the tin whistles) to be put away.  I am ready to have these crazy kids all to myself for a few weeks.


Bob & Judy said...

Love Anson's face. The boy must never try to play poker.

Anonymous said...

all ready have grandma. sorry