Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Card STEAL of a DEAL

I just scored an awesome deal on Christmas cards.  So awesome I called the company and asked if I could pass along the details.

The Card Store is offering free shipping plus 70% off on their holiday cards until 11:50 p.m. on November 20.  At checkout use coupon code CCN2270.

Here's the coolest part.  If you're one of those that has your Christmas card address list up to date, I am almost positive you can not only get 70% off Christmas cards and free shipping - you can also have The Card Store mail your cards (stamps included) for no extra fee.  

Holy smokes.  Why can't I be organized enough to have my Christmas card list updated?  Why can't I be that person?  

I'm doing good just to get cards out this year.  I took several years off from mailing out Christmas cards, and now I'm attempting it again.  I doubt very seriously this will be a yearly tradition, but for some reason - this year - I wanted to do it.  I ordered 70 cards.  We didn't get professional photos taken.  I found my favorite pictures of the boys in my Facebook albums.  The Card Store links directly to Facebook so uploading the photos took all of three seconds.  I fell in love with one of the more expensive cards (this is my gift) so I paid $36.  The price was originally $132.  I'd call that saving money.  There are lots of styles that are even less, so you can definitely get cards even cheaper.

I would have saved more if I had my act together and uploaded the addresses where I want the cards shipped.  I do not ever imagine a world in which I've got it that together, but a girl can dream.

This year I plan to make my children address all the envelopes (The Card Store included envelopes with my home address already printed at no extra charge).  My boys don't know it yet, but this exact moment is the reason I taught them to write in the first place.


For a limited time, use coupon code CCN2175 to personalize, order, and send all of your holiday cards and invitations for 75% off (plus free shipping)!You can have them delivered right away, OR if you don't want your cards to arrive at friend's and family's mailboxes until a later date, Cardstore will let you pick your delivery date.   Black Friday Event! 75% off Holiday Cards & Invites + FREE Shipping at Cardstore, Use Coupon Code: CCN2175, Valid thru 11/25/12 at 11:59 p.m.

To find the deal, click on this giant red box.  I think I get credit or something.

70% off Holiday Cards & Invites at Cardstore

I wonder how long Christmas cards will remain a "thing."  Since keeping up online through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is so easy these days, I wonder if Christmas cards will follow in the footsteps of the dear ol' Dodo bird soon.  Five years ago, it was so much fun to see how much everyone's kids had grown over the year.  Now - I have a constant flow of photos of my favorite friends and kiddos via the craziness that is Facebook.  But isn't it still fun to get photo cards in the mail?  My boys race each other to the mail box in December.


Mindy said...

Why, oh Why can't I be organized enough to have a picture of the family ready to go so I could take a advantage of this deal!?!?

Hendrick Family said...

Ha! There was no chance of having a family photo ready to go - or even one of all four boys all together - looking halfway decent.

I went with random.

Susan, wife of 1, mother of 4 said...

What an AWESOME deal! There is a problem with being too organized - I JUST ordered my cards! Now I'm KICKING myself. Thank you for passing along the deal. Next year! (Good job getting cards out!)

Jessie@ fine art said...

It's really great to hear about your deal! I think my friends are gonna be obsessed with your deal according to get some preparation for Christmas cards. Anyway, thanks and soon gonna share to my friends.

Kristy said...

If people don't get to take advantage of that amazing is one that you might like: go to to order your Christmas cards and use the code PFAAF to save 25%, plus 20% will be donated to the Affording Adoption Foundation (a grant we received!)

mandi said...

Ack! I hope people don't stop sending cards! I'm one of the few people in the world not on FB. So I need me some cards people!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the deal, Heather. With the coupon, it was the same price as Walmart, but much cuter. I love the printed return address! That will save me from having to put on so many labels!

And Christmas cards had better not go by the wayside. I love getting them in the mail every year!

Diane Mannina said...

Thank you soooo much! My $328.86 order turned out to be $104.08. And we had them mail it for us! I can't believe it!!

hitek said...

Thanks for the deal. Just used it love it and love saving money