Friday, January 25, 2013

Pulp Fiction

Tap. Tap.  Is this thing on?

The last two weeks have been so full, I don't know where to start.  My linear, teacher mind wants to put into words all the events that have transpired over the past two weeks and do so in chronological order.  New school for me.  New school for Anson.  New tutor for my homeschooling kids (she's the blessed shiz).

I want to tell you all about going back to college.  Sitting in classes with cute, little infant girls.  I want us to laugh together about how impossible it seems to pack notebooks full of information into my brain while it revolts against such shenanigans.  I want to spill the beans about how exciting and terrifying a new journey can be.

But I don't have time.

In the midst of getting kids settled into new routines, navigating a college campus, sitting in class, studying my face off, and trying to keep laundry done and diseases from growing in our home, I also decided to transition the way our family eats to a mostly plant-based diet.  I'm nothing if not, crazy, friends.  You know that by now, right?

I can't tell the story called "The Past Two Weeks" from the beginning, but can I jump in and start where I can?  Can I pull a Terantino?

This eating plants thing is new to us.  In the past we've been die-hard carnivores.  We have tried so many recipes over the past month.  Some have been exciting.  Others, not so much.  Some have employed ingredients we recognized.  Mostly we've wandered around strange markets in town saying things like, "Uh - what's daikon?  Is that how you pronounce it? Do you sell such a thing?"

I may not have as much time to process my life in writing this semester, but I still want a written record of this season - even if that record isn't as thoughtful, cohesive, or in chronological order.  It almost feels torturous at times (is that a little too dramatic?) that so much new is happening in our lives right now - so much that is thought provoking and utterly real - and I don't have time to stop and trap these memories in writing.

So I'll just jump in - starting this weekend - sharing blips - and recipes - what's working - what isn't.

P.S.  I hope you have a fab weekend.  We're going on a hot date tonight.  I've been having an affair with enormous text books over the past two weeks, so I'm excited to chill out tonight with my first love.  We're eating sushi and wandering the isles of World Market. It's our favorite date.  I'll sneak in some studying tomorrow (somebody stop me!) before we finally see The Hobbit in the theater.  All three boys have now finished the book, so it's time.

Posting my favorite salad tomorrow...

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Diabra said...

Welcome back:) Glad to hear the snippets. I'm trying to incorporate more vege based meals as our staple diet too, keen to see how you are going with it all too.

Jennifer said...

So glad to hear more about all the journeys you are taking (esp. the food one!).